14 Absurd Hookup Policies College Women Are Required To Follow

14 Absurd Hookup Policies College Women Are Required To Follow

1. If you’re on your own duration and/or haven’t bare, don’t even make the effort flirting.

The daunting monthly period aura and foot-long pubes are simply unappealing.

2. All elder chicks’ exes is off-limits.

That guy whom outdated the Theta president twelve years back? Yeah, NOT ALLOWED (unless you need the bitch-slapping spirits of sororities women past to haunt your for the rest of the era).

3. waiting at least 1 day to text him (at least two times his responses time and energy to book back once again).

“Bitch, i shall writing you while you’re still inside myself if I like you like that. Ain’t nobody have enough time or the algebra skill regarding this math,” are a tempting reaction to this asinine rule. Keep your own tongue and crush those data, girl. It’s an asinine business we live in.

4. DON’T confuse the right tag for the hookup.

You will find a million terms that may describe your own non-relationship: connecting, special, witnessing each other, online dating, collectively…“they’re maybe not internet dating but they’re ‘a thing,’ like they’re maybe not connecting along with other men.” No matter what suitable language is, make sure to never obtain it twisted. Might cause your searching entirely delusional!

5. if you prefer regard, your gotta “make him hold off.”

Let’s come on, ladies: their horniness is actually a sin. Yours is a worth determined exclusively by sexual money. Any time you give it up too soon, he has got any straight to address you “like a slut!”

6. Don’t anticipate to get together several evenings consecutively. You realize this means shit’s obtaining severe.

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